Sweet spot
Sweet spot
Sweet spot
Sweet spot

“It Feels Like Pitch Black” is a vibrant and intense modern dance piece commissioned by Jennie Linthorst and choreographed Regina Klenjowski for the Tennessee Children’s Dance Ensemble, a renowned dance troupe of young girls from Knoxville Tennessee.

The piece follows the evolving relationship between a mother and her child with autism, from the initial despair she feels about her seemingly unreachable child, through their experiences with outside pressure and prescriptions, and finally towards a bond and a new path.


The film was produced by Erik Linthorst’s Pergé Productions in association with Dario and Josh Gildrie’s Knoxville based DASH NETWORKS. It tells the story of how the dance, inspired by Jennie Linthorst’s own journey with her special needs son, came to be. Through her experiences as a young dancer in the Ensemble and her admiration for Southern California choreographer Regina Klenjowski’s cutting edge work, Jennie brought together the worlds of dance and autism to create a piece of art to help increase awareness, inspire hope and raise much needed funds for special needs nonprofits.

The film and the dance piece premiered in Knoxville Tennessee in November of 2007, and both had their West Coast Premiere at the SOLA Festival in Torrance, California in March of 2008.

For more information on the dance and the film, contact elinthorst@gmail.com

DVD includes the film and the dance piece